Work in Progress

These are all works with completed drafts in need of an edit. You can find out more about each work and download the first chapter by clicking on the cover.


The dead had not bothered Martin Skyler for some time and he had not bothered them. 

The dead were not good company; nor was the cold. 

Martin looked out of his bedroom window at the clear night sky. The frost coated lawn reflected the cold tin of the moon as in the garden strands of violet light faded then reappeared. 

Whatever had spiked him from his dreams that night had crashed midnight’s back door wide open. 

Murder in the Close-Chapter 1

Spring time urges the weeks along. Not just any Spring time, but Spring time in Norfolk; along salt marshes by offshore spits, passing small harbours and ports once bursting with boats; up across the tops of crumbling cliffs, skipping along firm beaches, tearing through fields now full of seed and shoots; over the brows of heaths, running down slopes then up gentle hills; verdant knowledge in each wood and tree lined avenue, forests filled with sheaths of leaves; blossoms of cherry, hawthorn and apple traveling through towns to wake lawns and gardens; filling the parks both public and private, claiming the city from winter’s hold; though this is not the early yawn of spring, this is not the frosted mornings slowing precocious growth, nor the timid buds, daring to show, or the dance of the mad hares rousing from slumber, but the full force of May, blaring with confidence, hammering home the victory of night over day, hope over despair, new life taking hold over all that has faded. 

Spring Tide-Chapter 1

Novelettes-North Norfolk Trilogy

“Storms came,” said Corinna, “violent summer storms that raged for days. Everyone in Shipden fled, helped by the people of Cromer. All except one man and his daughter. The story says that the storms worsened, making it too difficult for the townsfolk to sail out and save them.

“As the waters rose, the man and and his daughter fled to the bell tower where he rang the bells, desperate for help. When no one came, he bellowed a curse that rang through the town. Every year, the sea would reclaim a soul, until Shipden was full of life once more.”

She looked sideways at Liam. “Told you it sounded crazy.”

It did. But Liam couldn’t bring himself to say it.

Shipden Bells-Chapter 5

She looked very unfamiliar indeed, yet something about her caused him to search his memory. Too young for them to have been at school together, no one he’d sold a house to, no one’s daughter he recognised. 

And what on earth was she dressed in? Each item of clothing looked like it belonged to a different era, each a different style, faded greens and pale blues, skirts layered, cascading down. And they appeared to be damp. 

The blue in her eyes rippled, and her unbrushed rust coloured hair flowed down to her shoulders, her pale white skin as smooth as shell.

The Upper Sheringham Mermaid-Chapter 1

“Don’t you hear that?” Kate said. He must hear it. It rang out, loud and distorted. 

Andy looked perplexed.

Kate wound down the window in the hope he would hear better, but while the sound caused her head to throb, Andy clearly heard nothing.

“That screaming, that woman, you don’t hear her?” For it was a woman, Kate was sure, even through the distortion.

“I don’t know what the hell you are talking about,” he said, looking out over the field.

The noise stopped as suddenly as it had started. Kate’s heart pounded in the silence, and before she’d realised, she’d got out of the car, squeezed through the hedge, and walked out into the field.

The Aylmerton Shrieking Pits-Chapter 1