The Upper Sheringham Mermaid

The Upper Sheringham Mermaid is part of my North Norfolk Trilogy of novelettes based on local folklore. This one is based on the tale of a mermaid who came up to the Church in Upper Sheringham, over a mile inland. There is a carving of her on the end of a pew, and I wondered what happened to her, or if she ever came that way again.

After returning to Sheringham and marrying an old flame, Steven has grown tired of his life selling houses in the same sleepy towns and villages of North Norfolk.

And when a mysterious and beautiful stranger pursues him, Andy’s dream of another life is awakened and he plans a way out.

Trouble is, Steven’s married with a son, and not only that, the mysterious stranger from another realm has been seeking a mate for a long time and she won’t take no for an answer.