Spring Tide

Spring Tide was based on an idea I jotted down in 2001. It was completed in 5 weeks during NaNoWriMo of 2010. It concerns a young married couple living in North Norfolk, and like a lot of my work, the North Sea is never too far away, nor are things from other realms.

It is late Spring, and newlyweds Nick and Maddy Bond are enjoying life by the sea in North Norfolk. Nick is from north London, but Maddy’s family, the Tovey’s, are from the area, and have reluctantly accepted Nick into the fold.

Nick can’t seem to establish a life that doesn’t involve some aspect of the Tovey’s network, and his discomfort at their family quirks increases when he finds a discrepancy in the stories about how one of Maddy’s sisters died.

When Nick also discovers Maddy was keeping a pregnancy test from him, his anxiety and anger join forces to look into what is going on with the Tovey family.

But Nick and Maddy’s lives are in danger when his investigations uncover hidden paths and darkness within the Tovey’s ancient and recent past, and it is a race against forces he does not understand to keep his future family in one piece.