Shipden Bells

Shipden Bells is part of my North Norfolk Trilogy of novelettes based on local folklore. This one is based on the tale of Shipden Bells. Shipden was a town east of Cromer that was swallowed by the sea and storms, and legend has it that when the Fishermen hear the bells of Shipden ring out, it is not safe to be out on the water.

It is the Summer holidays, and a year after his first kiss, Liam is looking to rekindle his holiday romance with Corinna when his family returns to Cromer.

But Corinna is preoccupied and has no interest in rekindling anything. Her mind is set on exposing the town’s complicit involvement with a legend that sees a visitor to the town left to drown at the mercy of the sea.

Liam is skeptical of Corinna’s claims, but the only way to spend time with her is to go along with her investigations.

But why does Liam’s Dad keep jumping off of Cromer Pier, when he can’t even swim? Is Corinna correct in saying that Liam’s Dad is the one who hears Shipden Bells for that year?