Murder in the Close

Martin Skyler is a character I’ve had since 2004. He is the ‘Walker between the Worlds’, someone who can walk between the realms of the living and the dead, plus all realms in-between. ‘Murder in the Close’ was my first story with him, and I’ve started a second novel with Martin, as well as mapping out a prequel and one about him as a child.

It is February, bleak and barren. The murder of a solicitor in the genteel surroundings of Norwich’s Cathedral Close seems straightforward to new transfer Chief Inspector Carl Lamie.

After the introduction of ex-police medium Martin Skyler to the proceedings however, nothing is ever straightforward again, as Martin tries to uncover the connection between this death and the hanging of an innocent man some 600 years earlier.

Lamie’s investigations uncover a world of new danger and together with his colleagues, plus Martin Skyler, they must seek to understand what is truly going on to find the real criminals hidden beneath the surface.