Huron City Radio

Huron City Radio. Fake Station-Real Funny.

A series of radio comedy and drama shows made by people with nothing better to do.

Huron City Radio graphics by Anson Pavlov.


Tom Bobbajobski, radio host, broadcasting to the world, and hoping someone is listening. An absurd local radio show. Listen to all 8 Episodes now on Huron City Radio.

Download a copy of the Episode 1 Script, by Daniel Williams and Jake Buckley.

After an adventure in his little gray broadcasting ship in Lake Huron, Tom comes on dry land to co-host other Huron City Radio shows, none of which go well at all.

Download the script from Episode 1, Galinda’s Gastronomic Gourmet

Raccoon Man, a supernatural crime mystery in 4 Episodes set in Huron City. This was the first Huron City Radio production from August 2020.

Download the first 10 pages of Episode 1-Trapper Hanson’s Mansion.

Blood Diner, a 2 part comedy drama involving an ambitious reporter looking for a big story and uncovering Vampiric going ons in Huron City.

Download the first 10 pages of the First Half of Blood Diner.

The Last Train, a haunting one act drama about loss and the remains of relationships.

Download the first 10 pages of The Last Train.

A creepy little tale that shows the importance of knowing who, or what, is traveling with you, especially when you are out on the lake.

Download the first 10 pages of The Stowaway.

A year of stories as Uncle Walter looks back on growing up in the Grey Water Area near Lake Huron.

Download the full Script for January.