I’m from North Norfolk in the UK. I grew up by the sea. Water floods my stories.

I’ve lived in Michigan for over a decade now, near Lake Huron, so water still retains its place in my work.

As well as the books I’m working on, I created Huron City Radio. People from the area joined in with their talent and time and we produced original drama and comedy radio shows. We still do.

There are free sample downloads of most of the work on here, and all the Huron City Radio shows are available free on all Podcast providers.

Photography on the site is from Bruce Page, someone also from Sheringham in North Norfolk.

A thank you to Jim Hull, Melanie Philips and Chris Huntley, who created Subtext and Dramatica respectively, without which I would never have been able to get the understanding of storytelling I knew I needed to continue writing.

And a huge debt of thanks to friends who have supported me, especially my wife, and to those who have taken their time to read and perform my work.